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MasterCard welcomes submissions for paid marketing communications ideas. Generally speaking, we are looking for powerful ways to grow our brand preference and ultimately drive profitable business growth all within a high quality environment. Please provide a clear, summary of your idea in no more than 200 words followed by any other materials that bring your idea to life.

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MasterCard Advisors

MasterCard Advisors provides payments consulting, information, analytics, and customized services to financial institutions and their merchant partners worldwide. If you want to contact us about any of these topics please complete the form below.

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Media Contacts

Seth Eisen
  • Corporate Public Relations
Marcy Cohen
  • Corporate Public Relations
Amanda Gioia
  • MasterCard Technologies
Rebecca Kaufman
  • Corporate Public Relations
Jennifer Stalzer
  • Global Digital Communications
Asia Pacific
Georgette Tan
  • Asia Pacific
Venture Liang
  • Asia Pacific
Serda Evren
  • Canada Region
Rose Beaumont
  • Europe Region
Corinne Raes
  • Europe Region
Bénédicte Stievenart
  • Europe Region
Gabrielle Jaspart
  • Europe Region
Latin America and Caribbean
Marcus Molina
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region
Andrea Denadai
  • GeoSouth sub-region (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru)
Janet Rivera-Hernandez
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region
Middle East and Africa
Sami Lahoud
  • Middle East and Africa
United States
James Issokson
  • U.S. Markets
Sarah Ely
  • U.S. Markets
Robyn Cottelli
  • U.S. Markets
Beth Kitchener
  • U.S. Markets

Thought Leadership

We have a view on how evolving technologies and new insights are shaping our global society - and we would like to learn from your perspective.

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