Ajay Bhalla
Ajay Bhalla

Ajay Bhalla

President, Enterprise Security Solutions

Ajay Bhalla is president, Enterprise Security Solutions, responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the MasterCard global network and its more than 51 billion transactions each year. He also serves on the company’s Management Committee.

He led the creation of the MasterCard DigiSec Lab, a representation of the company’s collective efforts to maximize product innovation and security investments. The lab’s team develops and deconstructs technology – including recent efforts around chip cards and biometrics – to identify opportunities to strengthen it and continue to protect consumers, merchants and financial institutions from fraud.

Throughout a 23-year career at MasterCard, Mr. Bhalla has been behind many of the revolutionary solutions that have shaped the new digital payments landscape. Prior to his current position, he served as president of what is today known as MasterCard Payment Gateway Services. Under Mr. Bhalla’s leadership, the business provided payments processing and advanced fraud management solutions for more than one billion transactions each year.

Earlier, he led the initial rollout of MasterCard contactless technology in 14 Asian markets, including a ground-breaking partnership with Singapore Land Transport Authority. Mr. Bhalla created MasterCard Titanium, providing affluent consumers with enhanced benefits and purchasing power to meet their premium needs.

Before joining MasterCard, Mr. Bhalla held key marketing positions at HSBC and Xerox.

He studied in India, earning a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi and a master’s degree in management studies from the University of Bombay.