When we launched MasterPass in February 2013, we sought to create a smarter solution to power better shopping experiences. Our vision was to provide consumers shortcuts to the things that matter most to them.  The first step toward that was to create a convenient, simple, fast and secure online checkout capability. Since then, we’ve enabled …
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For years, we’ve successfully – and happily – used credit cards as our go-to way to pay in stores and online. But you may have recently noticed people at the register or in the store aisle using phones and other devices to pay. These people are taking advantage of digital wallets, which allow consumers to …
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J.Crew running first national ad this holiday season w/ MasterCard for MasterPass launch

Steady Growth During Q2

July 31, 2013 13:35

This morning, we announced our second quarter financial results, and I am pleased to report that we had a very good quarter despite continued slow economic growth globally. Overall, our revenue grew 15%. Cross-border volume was a significant driver with growth of 17%, including more than 20% growth in Latin America and the Asia Pacific …
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The desirability of a cashless society.