Future Cities

August 20, 2015 22:22

    Future Cities is a collaboration between Skift and MasterCard, exploring how major destinations are preparing for the new age of urban mobility. From connected infrastructure to smart technologies, this series explores how global cities are creating seamless and personalized experiences for visitors and residents. http://futurecities.skift.com  

Picture it: you’re traveling in a foreign country when your wallet is stolen. You’re stuck in a hotel with no money, no credit cards and no identification. And you don’t know anyone. What would you do? That was the reality for one of our cardholders who was in China, with no way home. But he …
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While the internet has revolutionized how we discover, plan and book travel, personal recommendations are still the most important planning source for many travelers. Chances are that you know someone who’s heading off for a trip in the coming weeks. Wish them a good trip? Share the 5 money tips for international travel that we …
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