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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Welcome to The Heart of Commerce™

Hello and welcome to The Heart of Commerce Blog. You’ve heard me talk about how I want to bring real meaning to our position at the heart of commerce. My hope is that we can use this platform to have a discussion about it.

Why is this important to me? Over the years, MasterCard has been recognized as a well-managed company with solid financial performance and a “Priceless” brand. There is no doubt that we will continue to deliver shareholder value, and no doubt about the passion of our employees to win in the marketplace – you should expect that from us.  But one of the things I hope you will see in this forum is the other side of MasterCard.  The side that is often overlooked.

There’s a lot more to MasterCard beyond that familiar piece of plastic in your wallet. Forget the city that never sleeps, today it is the world – and this demands commerce that never stops.  We are working hard every day with banks, governments, retailers, telecommunication companies and others, to facilitate commerce and make payments easy and efficient for everyone. Through this blog you will hear from our employees around the world about who we are, the work we are doing, and importantly, why we believe The Heart of Commerce is a viable positioning for us.

It’s only during a blackout that we remember how valuable electricity is to everyday life.  Have you ever stopped to think about how electronic commerce has impacted society? Does it make your life easier?

I look forward to your comments… Ajay