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Purchasing Airfare with Confidence as Summer Travel Kicks Off

Consensus among travel associations is that people in the U.S. will travel more this summer compared to last year, kicking off during Memorial Day weekend.

In spite of the up tick, there is still frustration when looking for low-cost airfare, as we shared in a recent announcement.

And let’s face it, who hasn’t wondered if the price they paid for their airfare was the best they could get? Or whether that price could later go down?

According to a recent survey we conducted with U.S. adults aged 18 years and older:

  • Eighty percent of consumers feel they don’t get the best price on airfare;
  • Seventy percent feel it takes them a lot of time to find low cost flights;
  • Seventy-seven percent worry about timing their flight purchases to get the lowest fare

So, what can you do when the price of your flight drops after purchase?

Some airlines offer airline credits to save on future travel with that airline if the cost of your flight drops below what you paid, minus any airline change fees.

But, as Ann Carrns of The New York Times’ Bucks blog recently wrote, most travelers searching for airfare aren’t aware of the availability of airline credits, and even fewer know how to take advantage of them.

Enter MasterCard PriceAssure – a new airfare tracking service that makes it easier for U.S. leisure and business travelers to track the price of their airfare and take advantage of airline credits.

Exclusive to MasterCard consumer and small business cardholders who enroll their MasterCard, the program will track  flight itineraries purchased from an eligible airline and notify cardholders if the price of their seat drops, minus any airline change fees, and they’re eligible for an airline credit. Then, travelers can pursue the airline credit themselves or have PriceAssure do the legwork for a fee of $19.95. Based on a trial run of the service, the average savings for those who qualified for an airline credit was $140!

Now, as you book your summer travel, wouldn’t you rather focus on enjoying the priceless experiences of your trip than worry about the cost of airfare?

Check out PriceAssure among other money-saving tips for summer travel –  and tell us – what would you do with an extra 140 bucks?