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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

The Social Interview

Social media.  We hear it more and more these days as it’s often associated with almost everything we do.  It’s no surprise companies, big and small,  are getting in on the benefits as well, impacting everything from communications to finance and now, hiring.  This past Spring, MasterCard Canada embarked on the first “social interview” to find its new interns.  What better way to hire a social savvy intern than through exclusively using social media itself?  On behalf of my Canadian colleagues, let me tell you a story about their journey to MasterCard.

Using an interactive call for submissions through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, MasterCard Canada received over 500 applications for just five internship positions.  Through QR codes on posters and online ads, interns were directed to the MasterCard Canada Facebook page, the hub of the application process, for further instructions.  All resumes, cover letters and creative components (yes, these even included original songs) were submitted through LinkedIn.  500 applicants became 30 and 30 was narrowed down to the final five interns – Martina Marsic, Aney Mei, Sophia Lal, Anthony Dimech and Stefan Kovacevic. Have a look at a couple of the creative video submissions:

After listening to their experiences with the social interview, I further understood that using social media exclusively to search for an intern made MasterCard an approachable, exciting and unique company where any college student would want to intern. All of the components and requirements of the application process were straight-up, direct, and easy to understand. Applicants were even able to have their friends, family and teachers post recommendations for them directly to the MasterCard Canada Facebook page or their personal LinkedIn profile.

This is the future.  Speaking as a young professional, it’d be great to see more companies using social media in interesting ways to hire young employees.  And for all my young brethren just out of college reading this, polish up your digital personality and footprint—it can say way more than any cover letter or resume!