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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

When Casual Friday Meets Payment Innovation

This summer, MasterCard employees served on the front lines of testing out a new mobile payments app – and they did it in their favorite pair of jeans.

We introduced “Blue Jeans Friday,” a creative way for employees in our U.S. offices to help rebuild storm-ravaged communities while exploring the future of payments.

For eight consecutive weeks, U.S. employees could wear jeans to work in exchange for donating $5 each week to the American Red Cross. Donations were earmarked to help rebuild communities in the Northeast, Midwest and South in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes and other storm damage.

But rather than gathering cash donations in a jar, we encouraged employees to take out their smartphones and beta test an innovative new mobile payments application developed by MasterCard Labs. The app uses QR codes – or 2D bar codes – to facilitate credit, debit or prepaid card payments on a variety of smartphone devices.

In total, about 300 people participated, raising nearly $8,000 for storm relief.

Part giving campaign and part user group, Blue Jeans Friday served as a wonderful opportunity to leverage the innovations of our people while reminding ourselves how MasterCard can help improve the world, one transaction at a time.

We’re always working on ways to make payments easier. On September 15, we’ll showcase some new innovations coming from MasterCard Labs – but we’d love to know: what would you like to see us work on?