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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Business Success is the Result of Team Effort

We joined Junior Achievement to learn international business skills. At the Global JA Titan Challenge, a worldwide virtual competition designed to test students’ business knowledge and skills, we had the opportunity to test our abilities in a competitive, global environment. We didn’t just learn about business; the experience taught us about ourselves, each other and the world.

Our team, Heaven899, enjoyed and benefited from the teamwork aspect of the competition. As individuals, we learned to communicate with each another and to negotiate the issues upon which we didn’t agree. In the end, we realized that each of us had something different and valuable to contribute, and that we were stronger together. The competition helped us understand that business success is often the result of the efforts of many people, and working well with others is critical to accomplishment.

Pictured with Patricia Devereux (left), group head corporate philanthropy & citizenship for MasterCard Worldwide, and Sean Rush, president and CEO of JA Worldwide (right), team Heaven899 receives their $3,000 prize following their JA Global Titan Challenge Victory.

This experience taught us about the world and its different nations.  We made new friends from several different regions of China, Kazakhstan and Russia, and learned something about their different styles of doing business. Some of our competitors strategies were conservative, and some were aggressive, but all of them were worthy of thoughtful consideration. In the end, we had a better understanding of what it will be like to compete internationally in business. Our Junior Achievement leaders have shared with us that their goal is to empower us to own our future economic success. From our perspective, they have succeeded. All of the knowledge we’ve gained will help us be more successful when we enter the field.

Ultimately, we won the 2011 Global JA Titan Challenge. With so many excellent competitors, it was a true honor. We also won in other ways. We acquired business skills and a global perspective on commerce. One day soon, we plan to use all that we learned to start international businesses. We look forward to competing globally, partnering with other nations for success and contributing to international economic growth.