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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Mobile Pay: Innovation in Motion

In the course of a lifetime, the average person spends at least three years doing something most of us hate… waiting in line.

Imagine walking into a Best Buy where you didn’t have to wait in line to pay for that new big screen tv – while the person in front of you fumbles for a card or worse fills out a checkbook. What if you could purchase a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop without waiting in agony as someone searched their pockets for the correct change. Imagine using your mobile phone to ‘tap and go’ and pay for your ticket so you don’t miss your train on your way to work….

This may sound like the distant future, but in many ways the future is happening right now! The promise of emerging payments is about envisioning a world beyond lines—and offers improved convenience. Today, at our Media Day in NYC, we are showcasing solutions from around the world that are enhancing the lives of consumers and their communities. We have a wide variety of partnerships around the globe – including the US, Latin America, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the just announced collaboration with Airtel Africa and Standard Chartered Bank – offering the world’s first virtual payment card on a mobile phone.

What ties all of these together is our belief in offering consumers a simple, safe and convenient way to pay and eliminate the need to carry a bulky wallet. Mobile payments combined with our contactless payment technology, PayPass makes this possible in over 341,000 locations worldwide.

We know consumers want this. Now, we intend to deliver on that promise as quickly as possible. Are you ready for your mobile phone to act as your method of payment?