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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Nice to Be #1 – Thanks Bloomberg BusinessWeek!

Boy it’s nice to be number one!  Bloomberg Businessweek 50 just put MasterCard at the top of the heap on their annual rankings.

They say it’s because of our steady growth, but we know it’s because you like the way we make your lives easier.

Like us, many of you prefer to leave the cash at home.  You keep telling us that electronic payments are the way to go…and we hear you!  15% of transactions are electronic,  but that leaves 85% still in cash and checks. We see that as a spectacular opportunity.

And already we’ve given you different ways to pay electronically: online; PayPass (that’s contactless or “tap and go,” as opposed to swiping or dipping your card); and now you can even use your phone.  Pretty. Awesome.

But seriously, we’re honored for the distinction and pleased that our efforts to use technology to transform the way you pay haven’t gone unnoticed.

Want to know how Bloomberg picked us?  Take a look….

Thanks again…and remember, leave the cash at home!