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Leave the Hassle at Home: Commuting can be Easier with ONE Card for ALL Stops

If there was ONE card you didn’t have to purchase in advance, that could be used to pay for your fare and grant access to board all local mass transit systems, do you think it would make your commute easier?

The vast majority of commuters we surveyed think so.  In fact, 72% of respondents in U.S., 85% in Singapore and 86% in South Korea told us they wish there was one card for use across all local mass transit systems. They also estimated that with one payment card they could save close to one hour (55 minutes!) per work week. Well, the capability already exists in MasterCard PayPass and for many, it’s already in your wallet.

The Harris poll we just completed confirms that among 2670 adults in the U.S., South Korea and Singapore, the simple act of paying for your trip can be a great source of frustration. In fact,

  • 44% of U.S. mass transit riders/ have missed a departing bus, train or subway waiting to buy or add money to fare cards (compared to 37% in Singapore and 25% in South Korea)
  • 42% of riders in Singapore have been in a situation where they needed exact change to ride mass transit, but didn’t have it (compared to 34% in the U.S. and 18% in South Korea)
  • 44% of South Korean riders say that having to make sure they have cash on hand is one of the most frustrating parts of their commute. In Singapore, 43% of commuters say misplacing their fare card and having to replace it is one of the most frustrating aspects of the ride (compared to 26% in the U.S.)

At MasterCard we are working with many transit authorities around the world to help make that ONE card for transit fare payment a reality

What about you, would you get on board with one card for every stop?

/Riders from seven cities were surveyed.