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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

3 Security Steps to Protecting Your Personal Data

If you’ve been following the news today you probably heard about a potential data compromise to credit card holders.  MasterCard has alerted payment card issuers (the banks) regarding accounts that are potentially at risk.  And as we’ve stated in the press, MasterCard’s own systems have not been compromised. However, it is critical that as a consumer, you take responsibility for protecting your personal data. There are three tips we can offer to help you do this:

First, always monitor your accounts and statements and if you are concerned about possible unauthorized transactions, immediately contact your card issuing bank.

Second, be assured that in most countries, MasterCard cardholders are protected by zero liability for unauthorized transactions. This means that our customers are not responsible should an unauthorized transaction occur.

Finally, MasterCard and financial institutions do not proactively solicit personal or payment card information from customers.  As a result, be wary of unsolicited requests by anyone claiming to represent one of these entities.

Let us know if these tips are helpful or if you have data security tips of your own to share.