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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Stylist Lilliana Vazquez Gets the Most Beauty into Her Day with “Tap and Pay”

Lilliana Vazquez is a guest blogger and style expert.

As a reporter and stylist I’m always running around NYC- whether it’s trying to get to a shoot on time or desperately trying to make it to a boutique before closing time. It’s a fast paced city and having to stop to get cash out of an ATM or dig for money in my huge handbag slows me down and that’s never a good thing in my business.

On any given day I can take up to 15 cabs a day as I crisscross through the city.  My Google Wallet (with MasterCard PayPass) gave me the freedom to get out of the cab in a flash and kept me on time all day long.  Before this, I thought being able to swipe my credit card was the ultimate in ease, but now all you have to do it “tap and go”…talk about convenience.

My Google Wallet also made shopping in some of my favorite stores a total breeze.  Since I’m constantly pulling clothes for photo and video shoots, I’m usually walking out of a store with armfuls of shopping bags and that makes having to stop at the register while I hand over my card, wait for my receipt and then have to sign it– a dreaded process when it comes to time.  Using my Google Wallet gets me in and out in just one step!

But the biggest difference for me was being able to get through a whole day cashless! I never know what the day has in store for me so knowing how much cash to have in my wallet was always a huge guessing game, now thanks to my Google Wallet I don’t even have to think about it!