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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

#internswanted: Gen Y Demonstrates they’re Keen on #Cashless in Canada

#internswanted, our 2nd annual summer internship campaign in Canada has been a huge success. This year we raised the stakes and asked applicants to demonstrate what a cashless society means to them using social media.  The response has been absolutely incredible! We had just under 350 applicants in just 4 short weeks. Students submitted YouTube videos, tumblr journals, prezi presentations, Facebook fan pages, blogs, twitter handles campaigns and many other channels to share their thoughts and thinking.

From Cashless tunes to stopmotion videos, the creativity was inspiring.  Check out these examples:

These Gen Y’s know the deal, the get just how dated cash really is.  This week we have 25 of these potential interns from across the country interviewing (in-person or via Skype) for 5 internship spots this summer: 3 in marketing, 1 in PR and 1 in product.  It’s no secret that today’s youth are digitally savvy, value and understand the benefits of electronic commerce. We look forward to learning from them as much as they hope to learn from us.

What about you?  Are you keen on a world using less cash?