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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Forgot Your Wallet? Don’t Worry, MasterCard has You Covered!

Have you ever sat down at the computer, ready to buy online, only to reach the checkout screen and realize your credit card is in another room? Or have you tried to book airline tickets on your smart phone and the process became so cumbersome that you gave up entirely?

We at MasterCard have run into these problems too. Today, we announced PayPass Wallet Services, a suite of technologies that will address these issues and ensure an easy purchase process regardless of the merchant you choose and whether you buy in-store or online.

After loading your payment credentials and shipping information, you can securely buy the goods you want in one simple step by clicking or touching the PayPass Wallet button on any website, regardless of the device you’re using. After that, you’ll never have to type in that 16-digit card number or your billing and shipping details again. And for merchants, they’ll see less “abandoned” shopping carts, which will translate into more sales.

This new online capability complements the contactless PayPass system already in place at hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide.  The same wallet credentials online can be accessed through an app on your NFC-enabled phone.  Once activated, you can walk into any PayPass ready merchant today, tap your phone on the reader and your transaction is completed in fractions of seconds.. No fumbling to find cash, coin or even your plastic card.

PayPass Wallet Services is the latest example of how we’re working to make the purchasing process safe, simple and smart – online or in-store. For more detail on the offering, check out the video below or visit our CTIA Digital Press Kit. And as always, send us your thoughts or questions.