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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

We Asked, You Answered! See Why We’re Using Less Cash

Congratulations are in order for our 15 sweepstakes winners. On May 3rd we asked our community to share their spending habits by responding to the question “I find myself using cash less because…” With a $50 prepaid MasterCard card at stake your responses streamed in on our blog and on Twitter.

Submissions were accepted as either a response to our blog post or on Twitter by first following @MasterCardNews and using the hashtag #cashlessconvo. Winners were selected at random, not based on creativity of response. This isn’t to say there weren’t many thought provoking responses!

Definite trends emerged. The most popular responses included:

Sweepstakes Responses

These responses further support the recent poll we ran on our Newsroom (results shown below) which received over 450 responses to date. We did this to get a better sense of the percentage of transactions you conduct in cash.  The vast majority, 72% of those who answered, use cash a little or not at all when making purchases.


This information will help us tailor our services to better meet your needs as we work to promote a World Beyond Cash.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the sweepstakes and the poll. Keep an eye out for more poll questions soon!