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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

#YoPro, Shaping the Future of Commerce

As a millennial at MasterCard, I’m excited to be part of an organization committed to leveraging emerging technologies to advance a “world beyond cash”. In 2010, I had the privilege of helping launch ‘YoPros’ Business Resource Group (BRG).  We realized that Millennials bring a different perspective to MasterCard, one that could help move from a world of cash and plastic to a world integrated across new technologies and platforms. Even though our career goals may not follow the same path, at the heart of our generation, we are driven, vivacious, and quick to get involved by making an impact on the workplace.

Recently, Ross Martin from MTV Scratch joined us for the first-ever YoPros BRG global webcast, “Shaping the Future of Commerce” broadcasted live from our conversation suite (modest name for a social engagement powerhouse). I agree with Ross’ approach: “Millennials want to contribute; they want to do better [at work]. [Therefore] it’s important to create an ecosystem that allows Millennials to participate in making changes”.  The next generation of consumers isn’t the future, it’s now, and it’s a collective effort across all generations to learn from each other and participate in the strategic transformation of our industry.

Since the launch of YoPros BRG, we’ve connected with over 500 young professionals and managers across five MasterCard locations in Purchase, St. Louis, Waterloo, Miami, and Singapore to rally around our mission, “to strengthen and diversify a global network of young professionals to both inform MasterCard’s business strategy and create an environment that fosters information sharing and relationship building”.

Let’s continue this #YoPro discussion by sharing how you’ve tapped into young professionals at your organization.  How can we work across generations to advance commerce?  How do you manage diverse perspectives of employees? How can we effectively engage with external young professional groups to support further collaboration?