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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Celebrating Cash Independence with Sovereign-Santander

Eduardo is CEO of U.S. Cards & Payments Division, Sovereign Bank – Santander

We all want to make our daily activities as simple and convenient as possible.  In my role as head of Cards and Payments at Sovereign-Santander US, I see how we can drive this simplicity through electronic and mobile payments.

Earlier this year, I conducted a personal experiment by leaving cash at home and seeing if I could go an entire day using only my Sovereign Debit MasterCard.  During this experiment, I experienced first-hand the benefits of going cashless and the safety and convenience of using my Sovereign Debit MasterCard for everyday purchases, large and small.

This simple test has helped us at Sovereign-Santander to look for ways to bring this same experience to our customers by encouraging them to go cashless and experience a larger set of rewards when they use their Sovereign Debit MasterCard for purchases that they might normally pay for with cash.  You never know what types of experiences you’ll have in a cash-free world.

Take a look at the following video and let us know if you see some of the same benefits I experienced during my cash-free day.