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Beyond Cash, Beyond Hunger: MasterCard and WFP Deliver Social Good through #DigitalFood

Sometimes, my job focuses the mind more than others.

I love the work we do at MasterCard to support businesses big and small, the way we champion entrepreneurs, and our ongoing commitment to financial inclusion and financial literacy.  They are all crucial.

But, given the chance to help fight hunger worldwide, I knew we had to step up and seize the opportunity to help one of the world’s leading aid organisation revolutionise the way they deliver food aid to those most in need.

Today, that’s exactly the journey we’re starting.

In London this morning, we’ve announced a global partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme that will see us unite with them to help achieve the World Food Programme’s mission of a World Beyond Hunger.

Through our partnership, we are helping WFP move from physical food delivery to ‘Digital Food’,  where MasterCard can deploy its leading technology to deliver food digitally through electronic payments, mobile phone and other methods to some of the world’s most hungry and vulnerable populations.

Check out the World Food Programme’s Hunger Map for more insights on the world’s hunger issues.

You can follow our progress by following the hashtag #digitalfood, and by checking back on our Facebook pages worldwide.

Of course, you might be moved enough to donate to the World Food Programme.  They are entirely funded by donations from individuals, companies and countries alike.

Today’s just the first step.  Let’s hope MasterCard’s vision of a World Beyond Cash can help the WFP deliver theirs of a World Beyond Hunger.