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Simplifying Payment Application Creation: the MasterCard Developer Kit

About a year ago, we blogged about the potential of mobile payments to generate tens of billions in payments in a few short years. As part of that post, we also mentioned how critical the user experience was to both deployment and mass adoption. Consumers want to transact when, where and how they choose. And MasterCard is leading the way in providing the tools and services needed to support mobile payments including the payment application, user interface and provisioning of payment accounts onto their mobile phones.

Today we’re announcing the User Interface Software Development Kit – or UI SDK. This new toolkit helps issuers, mobile network operators and third party developers rapidly build innovative new mobile applications that bring to life the benefits of Mobile PayPass for your consumers. The programmer-friendly set of functions within the UI SDK make it easy for application developers to rapidly deliver payment apps to consumers – without having to become smart card programming experts.

James Anderson, Group Head and SVP of Mobile Product Development, provides more details – and a demo of the toolkit.

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