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MasterCard: How We’re Protecting Consumers’ Privacy in the Age of ‘Big Data’

It’s no secret we’re living in an information age and almost daily, news headlines remind us that issues around big data and consumer privacy are abundant. It affects every country, every consumer and every business.

But privacy isn’t just the hot topic of the moment – as MasterCard’s global privacy and data protection officer, I can assure you that this is something that we focus on every day.

MasterCard is extremely committed to protecting individual privacy and has leading policies that are above and beyond most financial services companies. Most importantly, MasterCard never collects, discloses or uses personally identifiable data, such cardholder name and address, in its products.

My team and I are at the core of MasterCard’s ethical practices and are dedicated to working with customers, partners and regulators to ensure the protection of cardholder and customer data in all of the company’s products and services.

In an environment that’s constantly shifting and evolving, I’d like to share how we are helping to shape industry conversations and drive awareness around MasterCard’s data usage practices to ensure individual’s privacy rights are always honored and respected.