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No Cash for Students: ISIC Says Today’s Students are the True Cashless Pioneers

Martijn van de Veen is General Manager for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

I believe that students are the true cashless pioneers. Today’s millennials, our student generation, have grown up with payment cards and efficient digital banking solutions. Students have a significant number of secure payment options to available to them everyday. Young people know better than anyone else how to make use of modern tools that are available to them.

For almost 60 years the ISIC Association, the non-profit organisation that administers and manages the ISIC card, has been providing students with the opportunity to prove their student status internationally. Since its creation by a group of innovative students from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands in 1953, the card has been issued to more than 100 million students across 124 countries. In addition an ISIC card gives students access to over 40,000 specially negotiated student services, discounts and experiences.


The ISIC Association has a responsibility to respond to the ongoing developments and demands of the next student generation. For us it seems natural to partner with MasterCard in order to continuously improve our service level to students. MasterCard allows us to give students the option of a safe and secure payment functionality as part of their ISIC card.

For us the rationale is simple: an ISIC MasterCard provides the best of both worlds for students to support them through their student careers. A single card combines preferential access to benefits and discounts, official proof of their student identity anywhere in the world, and a safe and smart way to manage their money.


Clearly the ISIC MasterCard is today’s solution for student cashless pioneers. We know the tomorrow’s generation will have additional needs, having grown up with smartphones and internet connections in abundance. Something which ISIC and MasterCard are already preparing for.

Are you a student or parent, are you familiar with ISIC, let us know.. has the ISIC Card made your life easier?