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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Brazilian Street Market Meets Modern Payments: No Longer Cash-Only

Luiz Gordinho owns a popular fruit stand at a farmer’s market in Sao Paulo.

Traditionally, you always had to take cash if you were going to a street or farmers market, as it was the only payment form accepted, but increasingly this is changing due to fruit stand owners like me.

I started accepting credit and debit cards in the beginning of 2012. Since then I have not only realized how safe and convenient this is for my customers, but importantly, have seen an increase in sales.  Today 50% of my sales are from payment cards.

Street markets are very common in the city of São Paulo, the largest South American metropolis. They are engrained in our Brazilian culture, even in an increasingly digital world. Spread all over the neighborhoods, they are a reference point where residents are able to find a wide variety of fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meats and spices. You can also buy flowers to decorate your house and even enjoy one of our famous combinations: the pastel with sugar cane juice.

For me, being part of the street market community is a family tradition – I have been here for over 30 years!  Some things will never change.  Like waking up early and arranging our goods in the most appetizing way, and when the sun rises we say, “Come taste it ma’am, it’s delicious”. Other things, like payment methods we welcome the change. And of course, there is always room for some good humor: Beautiful girls need not to worry about the price, they don’t pay here…

When you come to São Paulo, you are invited to my stand, not only can you pay with a card; but you can try some typical Brazilian fruit and learn more about street markets. I look forward to seeing you!