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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Converged Payments on Display – MasterCard/ING Mobile Payments Trial

Back in November, MasterCard and ING Group announced a joint trial underway in the Netherlands that could provide a new way to pay using mobile phones. The trial, which has generated great interest since the CARTES trade show, demonstrates the convergence of physical and digital payments by extending the functionality of the Mobile MasterCard® PayPass™ application – already used to support contactless payments at point of sale, to support highly secure internet and mobile internet payments. For consumers, the solution takes the e/m-Commerce experience to a new level of convenience. For merchants, the solution delivers a comparable level of security to that provided by chip and PIN in the physical world. As such, it is expected that merchants will see more sales and reduced fraud.


As an industry, we have begun to see a substantial shift in online shopping from PCs to smartphones and tablets. Consumers want to shop and pay in whatever way best fits their needs and lifestyles – with a simple tap, click or touch – in-store, online or on a mobile device. At the same time, merchants want to provide the best shopping experience possible – regardless of where, or how, a consumer wants to engage with them.

While this announcement was of a trial of a new MasterCard solution, we are working full-time on the development, innovation and evolution of digital payments technologies. The exciting aspect of these new payment methods is that we can leverage new technology to deliver payment methods that break the previous tradeoffs between convenience and security. In our customers’ eyes, this is the key to successful innovation.

In the weeks and months to come – including our participation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – we’ll be showcasing partnerships and solutions from every continent and hosting conversations around the future of commerce, advancing the dialogue around the powerful role of technology (and MasterCard) in moving towards a world beyond cash. So watch this space – and have a safe and happy 2013.