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Update: POLL Results Revealed: A 2013 with Less Cash? That’s a New Year’s Resolution we can all Keep


We asked and you answered. 93% of voters are starting the year off right and will be using less cash in 2013; 55% of voters will use less cash in order to earn more rewards. Thanks to all who took our poll and please look out for our next poll: we’ll be getting your feedback on dining out.










It’s that time of year again…the beginning. Time to set goals for the year to come and resolve to make changes. So why not make 2013 the year you use less cash?

There are significant financial and social costs to cash. Ever think about how much it costs to produce and transport cash? But it isn’t just governments; consumers find themselves using cash less for a host of reasons: convenience, concerns about cash being dirty, security, rewards and an easier time keeping a budget.

I know what you’re thinking, “I never keep my New Year’s Resolutions.” Admittedly, I’ve failed at keeping several of my own, but using less cash might not be as difficult as watching less TV, trying something new or waking up far too early each morning to start an exercise routine.

A 2013 with less cash? That's a New Year's Resolution we can all keep.

What appeals to me about using my card are the rewards I accrue. If I reach for my card instead of cash, I get points for every dollar I spend. At the end of the year, that adds up to a flight to that vacation I’ve always wanted to go on, an entirely new collection of shoes or a savings for my next several car payments (sometimes you need to be practical).

 Are you ready to resolve to use less cash?

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Why will you use less cash in 2013?

  • I like earning rewards with my credit card
  • I like my monthly statements and can better manage my finances when I use debit, credit or prepaid cards
  • I want a safer way to pay
  • I won’t, I still prefer cash