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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Update: POLL Results Revealed: Splitting the Check: Cash or Card?

Update 2/04/13: The Results are in…


The results are in! 91% of voters go cashless when it’s time to pay the bill. Thanks to all our voters; be sure to check back for our Valentine’s Day poll.







We’ve all been there… that awkward moment when the bill comes at a restaurant and everyone starts scrambling to split the check.

Who’s going to pay cash, who’s paying with a card, who has small change, what about the tip?

We want to know your preferred way to pay when you’re out to eat. Are you the type to count your cash, or swipe and go? Do you encourage those you are with to use a certain method to make things easier?  

Take our poll and leave a comment to share some of your restaurant experiences!



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Going out to dinner? What is your preferred way to pay?

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