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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

How Much Does Acceptance Matter?

These days, we all take for granted that our credit cards will be accepted, regardless of whether we are at our local burger joint or even in a taxi. As more and more consumers continue to enjoy that benefit, business-to-business transactions still have room to grow when it comes to card acceptance at the commercial point of sale. That got us at MasterCard wondering – with all of the financial benefits associated with commercial card acceptance, why don’t more B2B suppliers accept them? We partnered with Kaiser Associates to help shed some light on the issue.

Our new white paper, “Acceptance Matters, And Now We know How Much,” helps answer two questions:

  • What drives card acceptance decision-making?
  • What is the financial benefit associated with card acceptance? 

What we found could change the way businesses make payments, moving them away from traditional collections methods and towards a more automated way of commerce. For example, we discovered that many suppliers are currently unaware of the financial benefits of card acceptance. Given that we found card acceptance at the commercial point-of-sale is 37 percent less expensive than other collections methods, we want to spread the word about these savings.


For other insights into why Acceptance Matters, take a look at this blog post about the value of corporate credit cards for business travelers, especially when covering client expenses. For more information on Acceptance Matters, check back here at the Cashless Conversations Blog for updates.