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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterPass Monday at Mobile World Congress

What a day with the global launch of MasterCard’s new way to shop – MasterPass!  Coverage from all corners of the globe highlighted our announcement and hailed the shift to digital payments including pick-up from CNBC, FOX Business, Wired, the Financial Times, The Australian, The Wall Street Journal,  La Libre, Reuters and AFP, to name a few.

The first day in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress saw a steady stream of news around all things mobile, but when it came to mobile payments, our digital wallet news dominated the conversation.

MasterCard PR Team at Mobile World Congress

MasterCard Communications team at Mobile World Congress

I don’t know what was longer – our list of articles hailing the shift to digital payments or the taxi line with tens of thousands of mobile fanatics.  Take a look at

just a few articles for how your shopping experience and the way you pay will change.

More to come at MasterCard’s Global Mobile Payments Symposium and remember all devices are shopping devices and MasterPass is here to stay!