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MasterCard Takes Part in “Lean In” to Foster Employee Success

You may have heard a new term recently called “Lean In.” It is the brainchild of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and is a “global community committed to offering women the encouragement and support to Lean In to their ambitions.”

MasterCard is one of many companies that has partnered with Lean In to encourage employees to be more risk-tolerant and to reach beyond their perceived boundaries so they can leverage all of their skills. We believe, and want our employees to realize, that they are more effective when they bring the entire range of their talents to their roles at MasterCard.

We are proud to have our very own Wendy Richardson’s story profiled on the Lean In web site. Wendy stepped out of her comfort zone and took a leap of faith in a new leadership position which gave her renewed confidence in her abilities.

Our involvement with Lean In will help develop our global, collaborative culture of inclusion which drives talent development, innovation and results. This type of culture is necessary to achieve our corporate vision of a World Beyond Cash.

We are fortunate to already have a well-developed Global Diversity & Inclusion infrastructure in place. This includes a worldwide network of Business Resource Groups including a Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) that can easily take on the practices and resources Lean In will develop.

Will you be Leaning In? I look forward to what’s to come and encourage all to join us in the Lean In community.