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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Update POLL Results Revealed: What is your Favorite Cashless Pioneers Story?

Update 5/22/13: The Results are in…






Thanks to all of our voters. It was a close call but 30% of voters named El Naqui as their favorite Cashless Pioneer with Canada’s WagJag and No Cash in this Dough as close seconds. Be sure to check back for more stories.


 My one year anniversary of working at MasterCard is fast approaching. Not only has that got me thinking about how fast a year goes by, but it also has me reminiscing about my first days on the job. Having just graduated college, I was extremely excited to start my communications career with a company that is socially savvy and understands the importance of digital media.

The state of how we communicate is constantly evolving and I am proud to say that MasterCard is not only keeping up but is helping to pave the way. The Cashless Pioneers series was developed to speak towards the benefits that electronic payments bring to merchants, consumers and governments in a more visual way. Who wants to sit down and read a long article when you can access the same information by watching a video?

The Cashless Pioneers series is a testament to MasterCard’s digital storytelling so I want to know what Cashless Pioneers story is your favorite. Below are a few of mine, let me know of any others in the comments section.

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What is your favorite Cashless Pioneers Story?

  • Canada’s WagJag Embraces MasterPass
  • El Naqui on using Cash Less on the Streets
  • No Cash in this Dough
  • The U.S. Treasury Saves with Cashless Program
  • Other: Leave answer in comments section