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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Simplify Commerce: Mobile or Online, it’s Easy to Accept Payments

It’s an exciting time in our industry with technical innovations in the online and mobile channels evolving at a rapid pace!  New merchants, startups and entrepreneurs are under a lot of pressure to offer their products where customers want to shop and we want to offer a seamless payments experience to these businesses.

MasterCard Launches Simplify Commerce for Online and Mobile Payments

With a company of any size, getting to market quickly and growing revenues are paramount, but we know the payments process must be easy and affordable for the merchant – from initially integrating payments into their website or mobile application, to ensuring a smooth shopping experience for their customers.

Some businesses, especially smaller ones, don’t always have the technical and payments resources readily available to help them easily connect their online or mobile presence to payments.  MasterCard is here to help!

Simplify Commerce TM, introduced today by MasterCard, is specifically designed to make it unbelievably easy to begin accepting payments, regardless of brand, in a matter of minutes.  We’ve streamlined the process for businesses to get a merchant account and include a payment gateway in a single, secure package.

Since a lot of businesses use developers to help with their online presence, we wanted to make the technology really easy to use.  With our APIs, clear SDKs in a variety of languages, including Ruby, PHP, Pylon and Java, and mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, as well as rich documentation and code examples – we’re making it easier for developers to quickly integrate payments for their merchant customers.

We’re excited to offer Simplify to the community because we recognize that electronic payments bring tremendous value to merchants large and small.  I look forward to hearing feedback from developers and business owners about the product and how we can further help you to simplify commerce.