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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Morning brew: 10 Million Biometric Debit Cards in South Africa

Did you hear about this?  There are now 10 million active SASSA Debit MasterCard cards in South Africa.  The South African government started issuing social benefits on debit cards in March 2012. 

Flickr Photo: Two child grant recipients collecting their grants from a SASSA pay point

The SASSA MasterCard cards have biometric funtionality, including voice recognition and fingerprint identification, which means that the money can only be accessed by the approved beneficiary.  The new electronic disbursement system also saves the goverment money: before using the cards, each social welfare payment cost SASSA R33.  Under the new system, it costs R16.44 per payment.  Just about cut in half!

In this edition of Morning Brew, hear from Ann Cairns, president International Markets, and Virginia Peterson, CEO of SASSA. 

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