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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Morning Brew: Digital Shopping and New Ways to Pay

MasterCard takes digital shopping to a new level at its annual technology showcase, and Morning Brew is in the middle of the action.

Plus, thanks to MasterCardLabs, you can check out the future of shopping.  Skip the register completely and make purchases in aisle, and with the same technology, you can wear your tech devices.  Every device can be a commerce device!  If you prefer shopping online, ShopThis! takes it to a new level we think you’ll love.

Of course, financial inclusion is priority for MasterCard — get the latest on how we’re bringing modern technology to rural areas on the Continent of Africa.

Meanwhile, none of this would be possible without the strength of the MasterCard network.  For the first time, you can see what we mean when we say our network technology gives you both speed and security.

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