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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Fashion or Payment Trend? Colombian Molas Stand Out at the Craft Fair

Carlos Mirque is a microbusiness owner and featured Cashless Pioneer.

At the Usaquén craft fair in Colombia we sell ethnic products, such as shoes and leather goods, like handbags, wallets, belts, t-shirts, jewelry and ‘mola’ accessories, lined in leather. The molas are colorful handmade textiles produced by the indigenous women from Antioquia’s Urabá Kuna tribe; each piece is unique making our products very exclusive.

When we first started selling mola fashion at the craft fair, we only accepted cash, and had to turn down many sales.  As a result, we decided to request a POS terminal to accept electronic payments.

When we started to accept credit and debit cards, it was a beneficial change for buyers and transformed our market, with nearly a 50% increase in revenues. Now, our ‘molas’ stand is not only recognized for its high-quality handmade shoes, bags and accessories, but also for being the pioneer in electronic payment solutions at the craft fair.

Our customers can rest assured that they are buying a quality product, backed by a formal banking system. We are confident that electronic payments also avoid the possibility of theft, while increasing our sales by offering a more efficient and safer service for our customers. Which is why we believe we’ve made the best decision!