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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Dispensing Merchant Offers at the Parking Meter

Do you know what happened in Oklahoma City back in 1935?  An innovation called a parking meter was introduced.  The simple coin-operated meter was developed in response to growing parking congestion.  Today’s version is electronic – its increasingly rare that you come across a meter that still only accepts coins and notes, after all who wants to fumble around looking for exact change and clean crisp notes that won’t get rejected. But alas the best is yet to come, as we move from coins, to electronic, to digital, the parking meter seeks to become more rewarding with surprise and delight merchant offers.

Imagine pulling into a city centre, you park your car and pay your meter to find that you now have the option to redeem in real-time a special “smart” merchant offer from a nearby store, restaurant or pub.  For example:

•  A fashion-conscious young adult could be offered a 10% off in a nearby boutique, or a half price manicure at a local beauty salon; or

•  A foodie could be tempted by a free dessert at a local restaurant, or perhaps a discount at a fine wine shop just down the road.

This is being made possible through our partnership with Parkeon. We are connecting MasterCard’s global network and data warehouse to Parkeon’s infrastructure to enable this simple but ground-breaking concept, where for the first time, shoppers will be able to benefit from special offers from local retailers when they park.

The pilot is being introduced in Rockville Center, NY on Oct 7th with plans to expand across Europe and in the U.S. in early 2014.  Watch this short video to see just how fast, simple and easy it will be: