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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Brendan’s 101 No Longer a Cash-Only Restaurant

Brendan’s 101 in Rowayton, Connecticut is a family run café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (byob) along with 16 flavors of all natural ice-cream for the past 25 years. The building itself is historic and was the town’s first Library in the 1800’s and today remains a central meeting place ; a place dear to the community.Brendan's 101 Kids at the Counter

Many of our customers we met coming in as babies  – we’ve seen them grow up over the years.  A great number of local teens experienced their first job working at Brendan’s 101 and their parents joke, “its a rite of passage to work at 101″. Our customers are local & loyal –  we know just about everyone who comes in.

Over the past 23 years we honestly thought the cost of accepting card payments would simply be too high and not worth the effort so we were cash-only restaurant. But roughly two years ago, we started to see an increasing number of people wanting to pay with cards – debit or credit.  And all of a sudden we realized how much money we were losing. We’d say, “oh sorry, no cards, but there’s an ATM on the corner across the street”.  And with this inconvenience, many times people would leave to get money and not come back.

So we started looking into how to evolve from being a cash-only business and decided to use Square.  It’s easy to use and our customers love the option of using their cards.  Actually, today most people use cards … our business has seen a significant increase.