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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

#FinancialInclusion – the Week in Review

There is a broad consensus that greater financial inclusion provides a path to economic empowerment and inclusive growth.

But what works in one geography doesn’t necessarily work somewhere else. That’s why it’s critical to have a dialogue among governments and NGOs, academics and practitioners, financial institutions and technology providers.

As a global payments technology company MasterCard is at the center of this dialogue, working with partners around the world to advance financial inclusion.

Week in and week out, our global communications team, in partnership with PRIME Research, is keeping track of the financial inclusion dialogue as it plays out across social media channels.

Over the past week alone, the topic of financial inclusion was prominent in hundreds of social conversations around the world. Among other events, the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum in London provided a great platform to reflect on progress made and further action needed.

Financial Inclusion Heatmap

Click here for a Storify version of this past week’s financial inclusion conversation – and find some highlights below:

Both the public and the private sector need to work together – finding models to do well and do good.

 accion tweet  UNCDF tweet

Financial inclusion won’t happen overnight – it’s a momentous challenge that requires new thinking.

 next tweet  citi tweet

Technology is seen as a key enabler to drive further financial inclusion.

 tanaya tweet  youthfortech

 Which of these perspectives do you find most intriguing? Join the dialogue in the comment section below or via Twitter @MasterCardNews.