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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Morning Brew: Trends and Innovations in Payments Technology

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region on the move.  That’s why MasterCard was pleased to hold the second annual LAC Payment Innovation forum in Miami, and I was thrilled to take Morning Brew on the road.  You may not think about how payments technology works, you just expect that it will.  And it’s at events like this that we get to not only share our expertise with our customers and partners, but importantly, we all get to share stories and learnings about the positive impact payment technology can have on societies overall.

For example, SASSA CEO Virginia Peterson shared with us how payment technology is liberating poor people.  She said, “Poor people can now make choices about where to shop, how much to spend and how much to leave on thier card.”

From simplifying in-store purchases, to enabling mobile commerce and financial inclusion, our technology is paving the way to a World Beyond Cash.  President of MasterCard LAC, Gilberto Caldart, talks about what motivates us to keep innovating.  And the Morning Brew has a quick recap of the event.