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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

#TBT How New is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology, wearable devices, is one of the hottest topics at CES this year. Very cool stuff, indeed.  Working for a technology company, I was curious.. when did this fad really begin?  One might say it started in the 80’s with the calculator watch – remember the first Casio Databank? As a Gen X-er, looking this up was a total #TBT.Casio watch


As a MasterCard employee, I realize we too have a bit of history in this wearable tech space. In 2007 we helped to launch Europe’s first contactless watch. Yes, seven years ago, you could leave your wallet at home and wear your  NFCenabled watch to make contactless purchases at more than 51,000 merchants locations globally. Fast forward to today and you can use your smart payment watch at over 1.6 million locations around the globe!

Contactless Watch with MasterCard logo.jpg

Wearable technology, it’s an exciting space to watch (pun intended) – what’s your favorite piece of fashion electronics?