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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Fishing Around Morrocoy National Park with a POS

Denny Peña is the owner of Atlantis Marine Restaurant. As an inspiring entrepreneur, his fishing boat travels the beach of Morrocoy National Park offering fresh seafood to tourists.  Bringing a unique meaning to electronic payments acceptance, here Denny shares his Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard.


Visiting a beach in Venezuela is synonymous with beautiful views and extraordinary meals. People take advantage of these escapes to change their environment and enjoy a different cuisine.

Cashless Pioneer Denny Pena from Venezuela

In Cayo Sombrero, a beach located in the Morrocoy National Park, I own Atlantis Marine Restaurant, a “peñero”, or small fishing boat, from which I sell seafood, accepting credit or debit cards. I spend my day strolling around in my boat offering a wide variety of seafood to tourists who visit the place: shrimp, lobster, octopus, fish ceviche, lobster ceviche, rice and salad, among others…

The idea of this mobile restaurant arose because the majority of people who visit Morrocoy National Park come to eat seafood to vary their daily menus. It’s been a good and fruitful business: in 2009, we were only two people, today we are six.

When I started my business, I didn’t think it was necessary to have a point of sale. However, my clients pushed me to get it because many wanted to pay with their cards. I think that requesting the point of sale from the bank was an excellent decision because it increased my sales  – today I conduct 20 – 35 more transactions per day – and, in addition, it is beneficial for my clients, as it’s safer and more convenient.

I have many clients that come aboard, take pictures, serve the food themselves, and then recommend us to others, who, when they try it, leave completely satisfied.

If you visit Cayo Sombrero try the varied beach menu that I offer and remember that you can pay with your credit or debit card.


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