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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Food Kiosk Stops the Cash-Only Trend on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach

Mauro Joppert is the small business owner of  Coisa de Carioca. His food kiosk was the first to accept electronic payments on the Copacabana beach.  Here he shares his Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard.

Even though “Coisa de Carioca” was first opened more than 7 years ago, my business was recently revamped thanks to “Orla Rio.”  This huge urban regeneration project  focused on revitalizing the Copacabana shore by modernizing the local businesses, giving them a more elegant and sophisticated look in order to be more appealing to tourists.

After my kiosk received its makeover, I realized that, in addition to its new look, another important  modernization was to improve our customer service, and for this reason I decided to start accepting card payments.  Thanks to a partnership between MasterCard, Santander bank and Orla Rio, I became the first business to accept cards at Copacabana beach, and let me tell you, the results are already starting to show!

The use of credit cards is very significant. Currently, 50% of our sales are paid for with cards, and I can hardly imagine running the business without accepting cards.

For tourists, the option of paying with a card is something that makes them come to my cafe, because they feel safer. The acceptance of cards, in addition to the convenience to clients, also represents safety to my business, because I don’t have to keep large amounts of cash.  If it weren’t for the card, there would certainly be a large loss in my sales! Naturally, given the success of Coisa de Carioca, many other kiosks at the beach decided to start accepting cards, as they realized that the cash-only approach is simply not an option anymore, especially when it comes to tourists, who more and more are choosing to pay.

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