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Travel Tips for the Royal and Not-So-Royal Family

Traveling can be stressful for everyone – especially when the whole family’s involved! Heck, even royals feel the nerves that come with planning a trip!

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are headed on their first family trip with baby George to New Zealand and Australia. And while this family may have every logistical detail perfectly planned, it doesn’t eliminate the anxiety that can come from being away from home.

With summer around the corner, this may be a familiar point of stress for many families looking to get away. And MasterCard has some useful tips and resources for families (royal or not) – whether it’s your first family trip or your fifteenth.

1.Be Well-Known Internationally: MasterCard’s unmatched global acceptance means that you don’t have to be royal to be recognized – one card can do it all whether you’re in Sydney or Stockholm.  MasterCard has more ATMs worldwide than anyone else and is accepted at twice as many locations as American Express, meaning your card is your passport to “priceless” family experiences.


2.Tap into a Team of Personal Assistants: Sure, you might not have a private staff helping you plan every detail of your trip but World and WorldElite MasterCard cardholders could! MasterCard Global Concierges make up an international team of experts that can do everything 24/7 from booking hard-to-get restaurant reservations, helping arrange lodging at more than 800 luxury resorts and hotels and – if the worst happens – can help with assistance when you need it most. Talk about royal treatment! To contact your concierge, simply call the number on the back of your card.


3.Enjoy Exclusive Experiences: Free museum access and after-hours tours, special dining opportunities, complimentary gifts while you’re shopping… No – that’s not the royal agenda, it’s the kind of customized, memorable experience you can enjoy away from home through 38 Priceless Cities offerings simply because you hold a MasterCard.


4.Be a VIP at the Airport: It can be the most stressful part of the journey – navigating security with family in tow. MasterCard’s Airport Concierge gives MasterCard cardholders access to a variety of services from expedited check-in to immigration assistance at certain airports. Available around the globe at 450 airports internationally, this curb-side offering can mean a safe and secure escorted path that gets you and your loved ones to the gate faster and, most importantly, closer to your destination.


 5.Be Royally Rewarded for Family Time: Being a MasterCard cardholder means a personal touch every time you use your card. With some card issuers, build rewards and points through your everyday spend, putting them towards airline travel, hotel stays or on-location dining and entertainment.


And you thought you weren’t royalty…

Happy Travels!