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Are we There Yet? Five Tips for a Stress Free Family Vacation

Who doesn’t love a vacation? It’s time away to be with the ones who matter most. And if you’re like me, that time is a precious commodity so you want to make sure you get the most out of it.

As a mom, I find that planning can be stressful. From picking the right destination that both my boys AND my husband and I will enjoy, to figuring out what to do while we’re away, to the logistical details of getting there.


A recent survey MasterCard commissioned found I’m not alone. Nearly 90 percent of Americans are plagued by the amount of time and effort required for planning a successful family vacation. What you should know is you have help tucked away in your wallet. With MasterCard as your travel companion here are five keys tips that can ease some of the stress: 

1.Find the right destination that has something for everyone in my family

Tip: Many hotels have programs for children and teens –it’s worth browsing the hotel and resort collection curated by MasterCard to find what’s right for you.

2. Pre vacation prep can reduce on site hassle

Tip: if you’re planning to use a credit or debit card while away call your issuer to alert them. This way any spend outside of the norm won’t be flagged as fraud. And if you’re traveling overseas Chip enabled cards can help ensure you can use the card while out of the country.

3.Get to and from your destination with ease

Tip: At 450 major airports across the globe MasterCard Airport Concierge can assist you with fast check-in, luggage and onward transportation.  

family travel

4. Navigate like a local with insider insight and access

Tip: Visit Priceless Cities for unique experiences and privileged access in the top destinations across the globe.

5. When the unforeseen happens we’ve got your back

Tip: When you book with a World or World Elite card you’re automatically covered with trip insurance 

Are you planning a family vacation this summer? Tell us your tips to ensuring a memorable experience.