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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

In Mexico, Cashless is Music to this Mariachi Band’s Ears

Omar Aguirre is the manager and director of Mariachi Amigo. Here he shares his Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard and how being the first Mariachi band in Mexico to accept electronic payments was a wise business decision.

Mariachi Amigo is an organized Mariachi Band that offers different music and entertainment services, such as Mariachi, quartet band, Sinaloa band and Marimba. Whether for weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, first communions, or corporate events, our passion is to deliver unforgettable moments of  joy and pleasure  through our musical performances.  When we started Mariachi Amigo we only accepted cash, but as time went by, more and more of our customers were requesting to pay by credit card, and we realized we could serve more customers if we accepted electronic payments (we also realized that no other Mariachis were accepting credit cards and thought this could be a competitive advantage).Cashless Pioneer: Mariachi Amigo from Mexico

Becoming a Cashless Pioneer was indeed a wise decision.   For security reasons, many customers do not like to carry big amounts of cash to their events.  With electronic payments it’s much easier for them, and in Mexico customers are very likely to extend the party on a moment’s notice, so accepting electronic payments helps us to work longer and keep the festivities going.  Accepting electronic payments has grown our business; in fact we just about doubled the number of events we perform each week.

Music for us is always a pleasure; it’s that differentiator at parties that helps us remember the good moments in our lives. So that’s why we try to deliver the best customer experience, no matter what, if they don’t have cash with them it doesn’t matter, we can carry on our services because we do accept electronic payments.


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