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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Payment Security PSA: Keep Your Bank Account Digits Safe

We know better than to freely give out our social security number, and that same precaution should apply to your bank account number. Payment security is in the news again, and safeguarding your bank account digits is an important security tip for consumers.

Out of our recent blog post Top 5 SECURITY TIPS, it’s no 3: You should never link an online purchase directly from the biller to your bank account. If fraud occurs you could lose it all. Best to use a credit or debit card which have the most secure protections.

Take Care Before you Share _ No3 sm

The bad guys aren’t going away and they will seek out the most vulnerable spots in the payment transaction to exploit. Rest assured that MasterCard has your payment security top of mind. We’re leading our industry in the move toward more secure chip cards, and recently introduced updates to zero liability policy and increased fraud protections.

Want more information on how to protect yourself from payment fraudsters? Read this blog post on phishing scams, and remember – You Are Not a Phish, Don’t Take the Bait!