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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Digital Music Meets Digital Payments through SFX Entertainment Partnership

TomorrowWorld_1As someone who is fairly integrated in the Electronic Dance Music “EDM” culture, it is exciting to see that MasterCard is getting involved in this space by partnering with SFX Entertainment. As EDM continues to globally gain momentum and popularity, a new music norm has surfaced – music festivals. These festivals represent a mini community – where people sometimes spend 72 full hours camped out to listen to their favorite music.

I have seen first-hand how frustrating it is when a music festival lacks the technology that it needs to keep its people happy. For example, oftentimes vendors at the festival are cash-only, presenting roadblocks for people, like me, who rely on their credit cards to make payments. By partnering with SFX, MasterCard has the opportunity to use its technology to eliminate problems like these – allowing for card payments at checkout or even in-app mobile payments via MasterPass. The integration of MasterPass will help cater to a generation that is “always-on” – allowing us to use this solution to pay for drinks, music downloads, merchandise and food all within one platform – pretty awesome! With MasterCard’s emerging technology and cool new apps like Qkr! (an app that allows you to order and pay for your food all in one place), I think that this partnership will highlight MasterCard’s presence as a leader in the digital payment and technology space. Furthermore, it will strengthen MasterCard’s reputation as a technology company amongst millennials.

MasterCard’s innovative technology will also be instrumental in developing a direct line of communication between the brand and the consumer. As a millennial, I am always looking for something new to interact with. I am more inclined to engage with a brand or product when it incorporates an interesting and seamless user experience. By integrating platforms like Priceless Surprises, MasterCard will be able to create unique and “priceless” experiences for those engaging with us at the festival.

I think this partnership is the beginning of great things for MasterCard, SFX and millennials. As MasterCard continues to evolve as a key player in the technology space, this partnership could shape a new millennial outlook on payments. I’m really looking forward to seeing this relationship develop!