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Don’t Leave Vacation Time Unused! Useful Travel Tips Before Summer is Over

Carlos tips

As summer rounds the corner, I hope you had the opportunity to take a vacation with your family.  And if you haven’t, it’s not too late.

Before the kids go back to school and you are knee deep in the homework, projects and extracurricular activities….escape now. As a father of three – two teenagers and an 18-month-old – I am well too familiar with the travel mishaps and stress I have encountered when planning and preparing for a family vacation.

MasterCard Travel Services makes it easier.  Go ahead, plan that trip today and create those memorable family stories that will be shared throughout the years. Here are a few of my favorite tips for effective family vacation planning:

Tip # 1 — Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call.  Over time, I have learned to double check a number of different airlines and hotels to ensure that I’m getting the best deal.  You will be surprised at how many special offers aren’t listed publicly.

Tip# 2 Eliminate the stress.  You’re on vacation, enjoy it!  We know from a recent poll that families dread planning for their journey.  Find a trusted resource for all of your travel arrangements.  Check if your credit card offers concierge services – the upgrades and perks will make the creation of an itinerary accommodating a family of any size a lot easier.

Tip # 3 — Avoid the chaos.  Eliminate the mayhem that often comes when you are rushing through the airport with your family. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check and you’ll will buy time getting the kids to the gate on time. And enjoy peace of mind and a 15% savings with a stress-free escort through the airport with MasterCard Airport Concierge services.

Tip # 4 — Make a budget and stick to it.  Choose from over 100 family friendly hotels that can upgrade you to a family suite, an all-inclusive breakfast included in the room rate or scheduled activities for your kids to enjoy while you relax on the beach with nothing but the sound of the waves.

Tip # 5 — Travel safe and be smart!  Be sure to choose the right card, the one most widely accepted at stores and restaurants around the world, so your shopping and dining don’t become a headache. And, to protect yourself and your assets while you are away – leave the cash at home and take cards.  A payment card – credit, debit or even prepaid with multiple currencies – will lighten your wallet and is the most convenient companion for your entire journey. You might even save you the foreign exchange fees!family travel