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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterCard Technology at the Grace Hopper Celebration

I joined MasterCard in 2010 as an associated software engineer. It was my first job out of college and an eye-opening lesson in innovation and technology.

Growing up in the St. Louis area, I’d seen the MasterCard sign, driven past the building and even knew people that worked here. With a degree in computer information systems, I had some insight into the technology needs of a global payments network before ever stepping foot in the MA GHC14door.

The extent and reach of that technology though is what continues to impress me even today. It’s astounding to look at the processes and systems in place to instantly connect merchants, consumers, governments and financial institutions across the world. It’s a remarkable trust; one that’s built on nearly 50 years of MasterCard technology.

And that’s only looking at transaction processing. Across MasterCard, we’re working on innovative technologies that are shaping the future of payments. Whether it’s ShopThis!, Simplify Commerce or Start Path from MasterCard Labs; MasterPass, our global digital service or MasterCard Developer Zone, which connects developers with our APIs; innovation is what we do.

It’s just part of the reason MasterCard is a great place to work, and why I’m thrilled to be joining several of my MasterCard colleagues at the Grace Hopper Celebration conference in Phoenix. The event brings together women technologists from around the world to discuss opportunities in the field, professional development and how to increase female participation in technology careers.

As far back as college, I recall being one of the only female students in my CIS classes and wondering how I could help encourage other young women to look at technology careers. I’m incredibly fortunate that MasterCard gives me opportunities to do just that. This year, we’ve partnered with Women 2.0 to promote careers in technology and hosted an event with Girls Who Code and the Taproot Foundation to develop creative ways to reach young women.

So, while I’m looking forward to the entire event, I’m particularly excited to share what a great place MasterCard is for all employees including women in technology.

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