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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

One Hack of an Idea: Show Us the Money 20/20 in Priceless Las Vegas

MasterCard LAC Payment Innovation Forum 2013

Like most developers, our Open API team loves a good challenge.  We’re innovators who use technology to build what’s next and we work with other developers to use MasterCard technology to build the develop the next great thing.  Whether at TechCrunch Disrupt or FinDEVr you may have noticed that we have become much more active in hackathons over the last few months.  But why, you ask?  Let me explain.

As the interface to MasterCard products and services, Open APIs unleash our technology to enable any developer to utilize our products and platforms to enhance their solutions and to standout in today’s app-and device-driven world.  Our goal is to be the bridge for developers to connect to the MasterCard network in order to help them build real businesses and reach new sets of customers around the world.

We are relentlessly focused on growing our ties with developers.  Open APIs can facilitate this. We  are focused on offering the easiest, most seamless , yet secure way, for developers to connect to our products and services.  This is why we attend and sponsor hackathons—because it is where developers go to discover and explore the use of new APIs.

MasterCard has fantastic assets to attract and reward developers. Beyond the usual cash prizes that others offer, we are also putting together  Priceless Experiences for developers, as well as business support to help their businesses scale and grow.  For the MasterCard Challenge at the Money 20/20 Hackathon, after 24 hours of sleepless coding, MasterCard will reward the winning team with a Priceless Las Vegas experience, including:

dev zone logo

And, to support the transition from concept/project to scalable product, we will also give the winning team two other great assets:

  • MasterCard Start Path-we’ll  grants the team unmatched business support through six months of operational mentorship
  • Free processing via Simplify Commerce for the first $250,000 in transactions for 12 months.

Developers love a challenge, they love to create new products and businesses, and we aim to help them to get there faster via MasterCard Open API services, our invaluable business support and free processing solutions, and to  reward them with Priceless experiences.